Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Day #31, Week #5: Bike Day

Day #30, Week #5: Swim Day

OPEN WATER swim this morning along the coast line at Playa del Acequion. Out in the evening for a birthday celebration and a cheat meal with a couple of beers.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Day #29, Week #5: Rest Day

FOUR WEEKS completed of the 11 week training plan and the end of the base phase.

The endurance training is progressing well and I feel much stronger than at the start. No missed training sessions. Running has progressed nicely with two PB's along the way and my first sub 30 minute 5k. Early days with cycling since I purchased the new Wilier ten days ago, however the bike training has started very well. Swim training is the greatest challenge and there is still a lot of work to do on my front crawl technique.

It has been difficult to fit in all the planned strength training sessions since the end of week 3, but I will continue to persevere.

Body weight has increased from 73.2 kg to 75.3 kg. Lean body mass has increased from 62.2 kg to 64.5 kg, an increase in muscle of 2.3 kg. Body fat has dropped 2% from 16.2% to 14.3%.

Moving into the building phase for the next 6 weeks and time to incorporate Fartlek training and more intense BRICK training.

Day #28, Week #4: Swim Day

OPEN WATER swim this morning up and down the marina at Playa del Acequion. Next session is time to loose the training aids and get some unaided front crawl going.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Day #27, Week #4: BRICK Day

29K BIKE RIDE followed by 5k run. Pace ave on run @ 6:31/km improved by over a minute compared to last Saturdays BRICK run. Felt fine at this pace.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Day #26, Week #4: Rest Day

FOLLOWING YESTERDAY'S 5k PB, muscles are sore. It's a fine line between pushing yourself and easing back so as not to effect recovery. Rest day most welcome.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Day #25, Week #4: Run Day

RUN TO the end of Torrevieja pier and back. Distance 5 km; Time 29:41, HR ave 154 bpm, HR max 169 bpm. Pace ave 5:57 per km, PB.

Day#24, Week #4; Bike Day

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Day #23, Week #4: Swim Day

OPEN WATER swimming this morning with snorkel, fins and paddles. Working on breathing and looking over my shoulder when taking a breath, one goggle in the water, one goggle out. Stroke is slowly improving.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Day #22, Week #4: Rest Day

REST NEEDED after weekend workouts. Body fat has dropped below 15%.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Day #21, Week #3: Swim Day / TriWhite Cup 2015

THE TRIWITE Cup 2015 season kicked off today in Benidorm, the first of seven triathlon events along the Costa Blanca organised by White-Events Goforit. Next on the schedule is Alicante on Sunday 3rd May, which I'll be spectating to see what tips I can pick up. Pilar de Horadada is the fourth event on the circuit.

It was an open water swim session for me this morning. The water temperature is currently 16°C / 61°F and gradually rising. Drilled with my new Arena powerfins.

I'm a little tied after yesterday's BRICK session, so the weekends scheduled strength training workouts will be carried over to next week

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Day #20, Week #3: BRICK Day

INTRODUCING WILLIE my new amigo, a Wilier Triestina Montegerappa from Italy. For our inaugural training session we hit the Torrevieja Greenway, rode north up to the AP7 motorway, to the Lo Crispin archway, then back.

Followed the bike ride with an easy pace 5 km run from Playa del Acequion to the end of Torrevieja pier and back. View run on Nike+

Friday, 17 April 2015

Day #19, Week #3: Rest Day

A WOULD be Rest Day but my scheduled strength training shoulder routine carried over from yesterday evening to this morning because it was very windy on the balcony last night. To warm up I did a 1.6 km brisk walk with Elaine as part of her Nike+ 5k beginners plan. 

Then we "just happened" to walk home past Bikemania.... a few hours later, and I am a proud owner of a new white and red Italian Wilier Triestina Montegrappa road bike (pictured above with Freddy from Bikemania).

Not wanting to feel left out, Elaine then brought a B'Twin Rockrider at our local Decathlon sports store, and I got another unscheduled workout... a 9 km bike ride home.

Tomorrows workouts: BRICK (bike-run), strength training/arms

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Day #18, Week #3: Run Day

RUN DAY Thursday and motivated to get a monkey off my back... my first sub 30 5k. To the Torrevieja Greenway for today's time trial and a chance to gauge my progress with a PB.

Run 5 km in 29:51... a TP world record!

1 km 05:27
2 km 11.18 (+0:23)
3 km 17:28 (+0.18)
4 km 23:47 (+0:10)
5 km 29:51 (-0:16)
Pace ave. 05:58.5

HR ave 162 bpm (93.5%), HR max 173 bpm (that's a PB too).

View run on Nike+

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Day #17, Week #3: Bike Day

A SHORT walk south to Playa Naufragos for a warm up on the beach gym then onto the stationary bike for 20 km (plus 10 min spinning warm up and cool down). Time: 20 km in 36:11, HR ave: 133 bpm, at an ave. cadence around 90.

Strength training for chest in the evening. I dropped the Flys in favour of more presses and introduced the medicine ball push up.

Tomorrows workouts: run, strength training/shoulders

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Day #16, Week #3: Swim Day

NOT ONE, but two, training partners this morning, Bailey and Elaine (aka Mush), for an unscheduled 2.5 km interval routine. (1 min. jog, 1 min,. recovery). Elaine has started to use the Nike+ running app. It served as a nice little warm up session for me, then I headed off to the Torrevieja Sports City pool for my scheduled swim.

Drilled with the centre snokel for about ten lengths, then followed that unaided with my scheduled 300 metres swim. As yet I struggle to swim front crawl unaided for any significant distance, I just need to crack the correct breathing technique. However, I feel I'm making progress and getting a little stronger in the water with every swim session.

Strength training for back later.

Tomorrows workouts: bike, strength training/chest

Monday, 13 April 2015

Day #15, Week #3: Rest Day

INTRODUCING BAILEY... he is a six month old chocolate Labrador Retriever, loves to chase moose but as moose are rare on the Costa Blanca, chases seagulls and pigeons on the beach. He is an extremely lively puppy with endless energy and very strong. Currently training him to heel. Soon I will run with him around the beach early in the morning and see if he sticks with me. He is a bit apprehensive of the water at the moment, but that will no doubt change when he finds his sea paws......... mans best training partner, shame he can't ride a bike.  Favourite treat, deer antlers.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Day #14, Week #2: Swim Day

WEEK 2 training comes to an end with an early morning open water swim across the marina at Playa del Acequion. Once again I used the Speedo centre snokel to help me concentrate on my stroke and not have to worry about breathing. I also used my new Orca training paddles for the first time to help develop endurance and a smooth stoke. I am continuing to practice the Catch Up drill to help stay balanced and relaxed. I feel that my swimming is slowing improving when performing this drill.

I drilled across the marina and back, parallel to the beach, using a buoy each side of the marina for sighting, its about 350 metres each way.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Day #13, Week #2: BRICK Day

ON THE stationary bike this morning for 16 km in 28:10 (HR ave 131 bpm), then straight into a run for 2.6 km in 17:40 (HR ave 148 bpm). BRICK training is progressing nicely.

My latest supplements order arrived yesterday evening from MyProtein. For this mornings session I tried out the Tri Carb carbohydrate energy drink with no ill effects. Got the summer fruit flavour which is nice enough, quite sweet, but OK. I plan to use Tri Carb for the longer workout sessions of 45 minutes plus.

Strength training for arms plus some ab work later today.

Tomorrows workouts: swim, strength training/legs

Friday, 10 April 2015

Day #12, Week #2: Extra Swim Day

TODAY A TRIP to Torrevieja Sports City for some extra triathlon swimming training using their indoor Olympic 50 metre pool. The wife came along for a swim too, which was encouraging for us both. Training in an indoor pool helps me to swim in a straight line guided by the lane markings, rather than worry about sighting in open water, allowing me to concentrate more on technique.

I started the session practicing the Catch-Up drill for 10 lengths using a centre snorkel, then completed the session by swimming 5 lengths (250 metres) unaided, though mostly using breast stroke.

I feel my endurance in the water will be fine providing I stick with the programme. Breathing correctly while performing front crawl is what I currently struggle with the most.

I performed a strength training workout for shoulders following the swimming session immediately after I arrived home, which gets all my workouts up to date.

Tomorrows workouts: BRICK (bike-run), strength training/arms

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Day #11, Week #2: Run Day

THIS MORNING I ran 5 km at an easy pace in 34:30 (view details on Nike+), maintaining my heart rate in the aerobic zone (HR ave 136 bpm). Followed the run with a chest workout.

Tomorrows workouts: extra swim, strength training/shoulders

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Day #10, Week #2: Bike Day

COMPLETED THE scheduled 13 KM on the stationary bike this morning in 23:03, plus a 10 minute spinning warm up and cool down. My legs felt a little wobbly late afternoon, though nothing to be overly concerned about.

Finished work early afternoon, then had a wasted trip to Alicante to buy a pair of Orca training fins. Got home late, so I decided to carry over my strength training chest workout to tomorrow morning after my run.

Tomorrows workouts: bike, strength training/chest and shoulders

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Day #9, Week #2: Swim Day

SWIM DAY Tuesday early morning, the weather is overcast, water temperature is 15°C / 59°F, and the beach is deserted. Ventured out into the sea with my new Speedo centre snorkel and got to work with the Superman Glide drill. Performed the 250 metres scheduled swim, albeit with the centre snorkel, then drilled some more. Swimming in a straight line has proved difficult in the sea, I will have to practice sighting.

The centre snorkel is a big help, it allows me to concentrate on my technique without having to worry about breathing. Shoulda got a nose clip too.

Back strength training workout this evening and some ab work..

Tomorrow's workouts: bike, strength training/chest

Monday, 6 April 2015

Day #8, Week #2: Rest Day

EASTER MONDAY and no sporting activity to report today, just 3 sets of press ups this morning... and feeling yesterday's deadlifts!

I posted the news about my first sprint triathlon on Facebook and created an event, plus updated my profile pictures with some recent photos. I'm not going to continually bombard my friends with postings, just committing to my goal. I'll let friends decide whether or not to follow my progress if they wish.

Here is a timely article posted today on Facebook via USA Triathlon, 13 Tips for Sprint Triathlon Rookies.

Tomorrows workouts: swim, strength training/back

Training Aid: Speedo Centre Snorkel

FOLLOWING ON from yesterdays post with swim drill videos, today I decided to purchase a Speedo Centre Snorkel. This popular swimming training aid should prove invaluable to help improve my balance, technique and endurance in the water. Price 29.95 euros from Decathalon Sports Store, La Zenia Boulevard.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Day #7, Week #1: Swim Day

A 750 METRE free style swim in open water will probably be the single biggest sporting challenge of my life. Can I develop a decent enough stroke in 69 days from my current "controlled drowning" technique to something that resembles front crawl? Couple that with diving into the sea with "a washing machine of arms and legs" and your looking at a race plan to survive by any means necessary.

To this end I am amending Sundays for the first 4 weeks of the 11 week programme from a BRICK Day to a Swim Day, in order to spend more time on swimming drills and endurance in the water.

Last night I surfed across Shaun Buddenhagen's blog First Time Triathlete. Shaun has posted some useful swim training videos that got my attention.

This morning I practiced the Superman Glide and covered the 200 metres scheduled distance in a 45 minute open water swim session.

Week #1 training is complete, this evening I performed a strength training workout for legs. All's great so far, just a little muscle soreness which was to be expected, Feeling Good!

Tomorrow: rest day

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Day #6, Week #1: BRICK DAY

TODAY IS my first BRICK training session of the 11 week training plan; stationary bike 10 km in 17:30, then run 1.5 km in 10:39, total time 28:09, excluding transition. Plus performed a 10 minute spinning warm-up and cool-down.

Average Heart Rate was 137 b.p.m. during training, that's slightly above my aerobic zone max 136 b.p.m. I use a Polar FT7 heart rate monitor.

Generally I felt OK keeping at a steady pace. No jelly leg problems after the transition.

In the evening I performed a strength training routine for my arms, plus ab work and finished with some stretching.

Tomorrow's workouts: BRICK swim-bike, strength training/legs

Friday, 3 April 2015

Day #5, Week #1: Rest Day

MY MUSCLES are little sore from the 6 workouts over the last 3 days, so today's rest day is most welcome. Just an early morning 1 mile walk around Playa del Acequion with Bailey to stretch the legs,

Currently I don't possess any cycling gear, so a trip to the local Decathlon sports store at La Zenia Boulevard was in order to buy a pair of B'Twin cycle shorts for tomorrows BRICK training, Wednesday's workout on the Olympus stationary bike was a tad uncomfortable on the butt. Price 19.95 euros.

Tomorrows workout, BRICK (bike-run), strength training/arms

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Video Presentation of the TriWhite Cup

Day #4, Week #1: Run Day

TIME TRIAL at the Torrevieja Greenway this morning and a chance to try out my new Arch-Max running socks.

Ran 5 km to record my current time (planned a Fartlek session, but swapped it). The time was a PB at 30:16, a drop in pace half way cost me my first sub 30. Click here to view my run on the Nike Running App. ... the super socks really do make me run faster :)

Evening time I performed a strength training workout for shoulders on my home gym equipment and some ab work.

Tomorrow: rest day

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Day #3, Week #1: Bike Day

BIKE TRAINING this morning at 7:30. 10 km in 18.01 on an Olympus stationary bike, with a 10 minute spinning warm-up and cool down.

I do not currently possess a road bike and I'm considering renting a bike two weeks before the Sprint Triathlon while performing the majority of the training on the stationary bike and  joining some spinning classes.

I have seen a Trek Ali frame Series 1 bike in one of my local bike shops that I really like. At 749 euros it is probably out of my budget before race day. Need an electrician? Call me!

This evening I performed my strength training chest routine and did some ab exercises.

Tomorrow's workout's: Run 5 km, strength training/shoulders

Day #2, Week #1: Swim Day

COULD I pass as an ageing Olympic athlete or do I look about as cool as a bucket of penguins shit? Gauged on my swim stroke this morning, probably the latter.

It's Swim Day Tuesday and the chance to test drive my new Orca OpenWater wetsuit. I was up with the fishes and in the sea at first light. We're having the hottest March on the Costa Blanca since 1930, so the mornings at the marina are glorious and to be taken advantage of. The sea temperature is 15°C / 59°F.

This is the first time I have ever put on a wetsuit, which is a bit of a workout in itself, so I can`t make comparisons to other makes. The fitting feels very good, I was not cold in the sea, and flexibility is excellent. The high visibility orange design gives me extra confidence for safety. Basically, it does everything that I expected it too. I would highly recommended this wetsuit for beginners, especially if you are swimming a lot in open water near moorings. Price 139.00 euros from Boyers Circlos, Alicante.

07:30 workout: 200 metre swim - first swim completed performing 4 x 50 metre intervals. Outward with front crawl, then recovered back to the starting point with breast stroke. Verdict; My front crawl stroke is gonna need a lot of work.

19:30 workout: completed strength training back routine plus some ab work on my home gym equipment.

Tomorrow's workouts: Bike 10k, strength training/chest