Monday, 30 March 2015

Day #1, Week #1 - Rest Day

MONDAY MORNINGS are the same where ever you wake up in world, I was once told. This Monday morning ain't no ordinary day for me. Today I start preparing for a sporting challenge unlike anything I have ever tried before..... it's Day #1 of my 11 week programme to compete in a Sprint Triathlon.

I'm fortunate to have good outdoor facilities on my doorstep for the task at hand. I live at Playa de Acequion in Torrevieja, and at the north end of the beach is an abandoned boat house, a great little spot where I can warm up and workout. From here I can swim across the marina, or set off on a bike ride up to the Torrevieja Greenway (just 2 minutes away), or head off for a run in any direction.

It's good to start the programme with a rest day, it gives me time to contemplate what lays ahead and get mentally prepared. This morning I woke up at 6:00 a.m. and tracked my body measurements. After sunrise I walked Bailey along the beach and inspected the swim route. I noticed a few sunken boats at the southern end where I will exit the sea, so I must give that area a wide berth. Tomorrow morning training starts, Tuesday is swim day. and I'll be testing my new Orca OpenWater wetsuit.

Tomorrow's workouts: swim 200 metres, strength training/back.